Make your strong performance shine with marketing and distribution

    Right from your fund launch we are able to provide you, with tailored consulting services and standardised analyses of your investment concepts as part of our exclusive cooperation with Scope Analysis. Another strong and effective way to present your white label funds in the best light.
    Bereits bei der Fondsauflage erhalten Sie ein Feedback zur Investmentstory Ihres Private-Label-Fonds. Ein Fondsrating wird seitens Scope ebenfalls durchgeführt.

    How fund evaluations and fund analyses can bolster your distribution efforts

    Fund evaluation:

    • Improves investors’ understanding of your product, boosts the profile and reach of high-quality products and underscores your fund distribution in the process.
    Measure of fund quality:

    • Helps you achieve a highly-objective peer group comparison and illustrates the strength of your white label funds.


    • An objective analysis coupled with a broad market overview further strengthens your market position.

    Select tailored service components for your white label funds

    The Peer-group analysis can be used as a preliminary review to support your positioning. It can help you assess your fund concept and sales potential even before your white label funds have even been launched. Scope Fund Rating analyses the standard of fund management with regards to performance and risk criteria vis-à-vis your peer group. Depending on the fund history, the evaluation takes qualitative as well as quantitative aspects into account. The Scope Investment Team Rating takes a close look at your fund’s investment team – regardless of fund structure – and helps you with your funds market positioning. Scope Analysis also offers fund monitoring and commentary on fund and market developments throughout your fund’s lifespan.

    The numerous advantages of teaming up with Scope Analysis

    As a fund initiator, you receive access to peer-group analyses, rating reports, flyers and labels in addition to the classic service components. Furthermore, rating reports are published on the Scope Analysis platform, and, should you wish, a senior analyst can accompany you to important client meetings. The reports are available in several languages.

    We are happy to discuss how we can provide the best support for you and for the distribution of your white label funds.

    Your personal contacts
    Marcus Kuntz is Head of Distribution for Private Label Funds at Universal-Investment. Mr Kuntz and his team advise asset managers and fund initiators on fund services, including on the fund's launch, front-office services, fund marketing and fund distribution.

    New clients:

    Marcus Kuntz

    Head of Asset Manager Solutions

    +49 69 71043 190
    Andreas Gessinger and his team support asset mangers and fund initiators using the Universal-Investment platform in all aspects of the group's fund services

    Existing clients:

    Andreas Gessinger

    Head of Relationship Management Fund Initiators

    +49 69 71043 552
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